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Mano Y Mano Vale Tudo Shorts

Mano Y Mano Vale Tudo Shorts

In 1521 on the island of Mactan, was probably the most significant event in the history of the Philippines. The conquistadors, led by Ferdinand Magellan, fought the tribe led by Lapu-Lapu, which resulted in Magellan’s demise. But what if Ferdinand Magellan and Lapu-Lapu battled it out in a MMA fight? Who would have won a no-holds barred ‘mano y mano’ fight between these two fearless men? We wouldn't dare think of any other outcome. So, to commemorate this piece of Philippine history, we printed this original artwork on a double-layered polyester/lycra fabric. To make sure it lasts, even during sparring, we've enclosed a drawstring on these VT shorts within its elastic waistband. Not only will you look bad ass in these shorts but you'll also stay dry and comfortable because of their sweat-wicking ability.